Class Overview

Through numerous experiences throughout the year, the children develop a positive self-image and self- confidence as well as a love of learning. Vocabulary and communication skills are growing and they are eager to demonstrate their new independent skills. Music, movement and exercise are a vital part of the program as well as developmentally appropriate art activities. The children enjoy our incredible outdoors, exploring nature and observing the seasonal changes as they occur right outside our classroom doors. Physical games and activities enhance their coordination and gross motor development. As we offer age appropriate learning experiences, new knowledge is gained helping to build a strong academic foundation for their further education.  Parent involvement is always encouraged and welcomed.

More Details

Age Group
3 - 4 Years
Class Size
14 Children
Staff Per Class


A diverse range of activities foster the children's cognitive, social, emotional development as well as a love of learning.

Play Areas

In addition to our varied indoor play areas, our vast outdoor grounds allow the children to enjoy our five playgrounds, sport fields and nature on a daily basis.


Our experienced and certified staff are continuing to offer their students new and age appropriate activities that build upon their prior experiences and lay a strong foundation for their continued growth.

What The Parents Say