Class Overview

In our toddler program the children will be involved in teacher-directed activities as well as ample time throughout the day to socialize with their peers, play with our numerous age appropriate materials and learn self-help skills. At this age, language skills are growing by leaps and bounds and children’s accomplishments are encouraged and recognized. The staff are supporting the children throughout the day. Movement activities, music, outdoor play, story time and art materials are offered on a daily basis. We have an open door policy for our families and welcome your visits and involvement.

More Details

Age Group
18 Months - 3 Years
Class Size
12 Children
Staff Per Class


Toddlers are inquisitive and our teachers offer new experiences that help to build a foundation on which they gain new knowledge.

Play Areas

Throughout the day, outdoor play offers the children a vast variety of activities on our numerous playgrounds, fields for running and gardening experiences as well as nature exploration.


Our staff are certified in early childhood education and through their ongoing training and vast experience the children benefit from a diverse curriculum.

What The Parents Say